Warrior Life Mindset

3 Month One-on-One Coaching

Once an athlete, always an athlete.

Honestly, no one stops being an athlete with laced up for the last time or took their final step on the court. Why? Because of the mindset and skills, you developed while training, pushing your body to its limits, be coached before, during and after a game.

But society tells you and me to be an athlete one must be a professional athlete otherwise you are just a normal person.

Well, I am here to call bull because to accept society definition of an athlete means you are denying part of your identity and pretend the skills you developed as an athlete don’t exist. There have been a thousand stories where athlete you were once on the top of their game retire or spot playing they go into a deep depression or worse. I know you want to avoid this.

Here the thing, no one showed them how to translate their athlete mindset and skills to the support you off the court.

At my lowest point, I discovered I was had disowned apart of who I was. An athlete at heart. Once, I started to approach life as I did on the basketball court my life begin to transform and I was enjoying life again. Now my basketball court is building my business, weight training, and a yoga mat. I will always call myself an athlete because it is a part of my DNA, just like yours.

The skills developed as an athlete can support you in the outside world whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, building your own business, and developing/deepening relationships.

What to expect from this coaching prograM:

  • Areas of focus are on mindset, productivity, self-care/creating a balanced life

  • 1 Kick-Off Coaching Call to set the tone for the rest of your coaching. (45 minutes)

  • Weekly Coaching Calls for the next 3 months

  • An action plan to create accountability.

  • Customized, personalized support and coaching.

Your Investment

1 Payment of $1,500 ~ OR ~ 3 Payments of $600