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Hey There!

I am Lo Wentworth.

An athlete.

Coffee lover.

Obsessed with mermaids, brownies, gladiator sandals, boots and yoga pants.

A small town Midwestern making her way on the East Coast.

Founder of the Warrior Life Coaching.

First, I am an athlete and will always be an athlete.

The only difference is I swapped the basketball court with a yoga mat, weight training, and building my dream life.

BUT, there was a time when I no longer believed I was an athlete and lost my identity. I was 17 when I had my second knee surgery on my right knee and decided the Universe was trying to tell me something. I dreamed of being a pro basketball player because I loved the game and I could turn to basketball when life was getting too much for me. At 17, I hung up my laces for good. Little did I know when I took my first step toward losing who I was and heading straight toward my rock bottom.

It wasn’t until I was 25 when the Universe hit me over the head with a baseball bat. I was forcing myself to be someone I wasn’t to please others who didn’t have my best interest at heart. At the time I graduated law school, broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years, didn’t pass the bar by 4 points and chose not to move out of Iowa. I felt so lost, broken, and weak. This was when I discovered life/mindset coaching and felt at home. Like I finally found the secret sauce for my life.

However, traditional life coaching wasn’t working for me. I was going through the motions and working with a coach, but the results weren’t there. My coach was not speaking to my athletic mindset. I was like she was speaking a foreign language I was trying to understand, but nothing was clicking.

So the downward spiral continued until I discovered what was missing after I read Lewis Howes’ book “The School of Greatness.” His book spoke to me as an athlete weaving in all the information I learned from life coaching program I was in.

  1. I was denying a significant part of who I was...an athlete. Being an athlete is in my DNA.

  2. Approaching my life as I did on the basketball court gave me clarity and a sense of purpose.

  3. My secret sauce for my business is merging the athlete’s mindset with life coaching.

Being an athlete is who I am, and there are so many athletes in the world who are in the same spot I was in. Who have lost their identity and are attempting to navigate the world without utilizing their skills they developed as an athlete or reaching their full potential. Professional athletes and CEOs know the importance of having a coach/mentor guide them to new highs in business, life, and sports careers.

Thus, Warrior Life Coaching was born.

Fusing the athlete mindset with life coaching to create the life of your dreams and approach life as your court/field.