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Desire to be fearlessly visible in your life and business/career? 

But you feel…..
    - Paralyzed by fear of being judged and criticized when you’re visible
    - Lack confidence in your powers and people will buy from you
    - Fear you will fall flat on your face because you feel like an imposter
    - Desperately want clarity on your message and vision, but don’t know where to start
    - Overwhelmed and anxious because you don’t know how to break down your vision and goals into bit size chunks? 
    - Risking your neck means you will be outcasted so you rather not risk at all. 


Being visible can be terrifying if you choose it to be. Trust me I know, as an introvert being visible in the world is terrified the living daylights out of me. 

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I feared being visible in my life and business meant I was going to my death. Yes, you read that right. My fear fueled limiting belief running my life and business as I thought I would die if I stepped into the spotlight and shine my light. 


It was terrifying and paralyzing.


I felt I had no way out, but I knew deep down I was and am meant for more.


Which meant I had to decide my life’s purpose was more important to me than hiding in the shadows not living the life of my dreams because I feared death. 


I know this may seem silly and ridiculous to you. But it the ego and unconscious limiting beliefs you and I both have running the show and thrive on ridiculous fearful stories it wants you to believe.


Just think of the story you’ve chosen to believe your ego believes is completely rational, but if you stop it to outside world it would be silly and ridiculous.  

There came a point in my life, I was tired of reading and watching everyone else living their success stories, but I wasn’t reading or watching mine.


I took action, gave myself a visibility challenge by posting a video on Facebook for a month. One video a day for 30 days. I know terrifying and it put me in a vulnerable place. But it was what I knew I had to do if I truly wanted my answer to be a YES, I LIVED instead on a no filled with regret.  


I am so grateful I completed my challenge. I became fearlessly visible and overcome my fears.


But don’t get me wrong I have some next level visible fears cross my mind from time to time, but I have the tools and mindset necessary to overcome them and keep moving forward with my life.


You may be thinking you can’t be like me or could never put yourself out there in the big bad world. But something tells me otherwise because you are reading this page and maybe following me on Facebook and Instagram. Plus, who are you not to live out your dreams, passions, and live your life’s purpose! 



The first step to becoming Fearlessly Visible requires you to shed light on the ego’s twisted lies it has you believe.

But what happens when shedding light on those twisted lies?

How do you change them into your truth? 

Well, that is where I come in.


I will guide you through the process of overcoming your fears of showing up in the world, so you can have the thriving business/career and lifestyle you desire. But you must want it so bad you decide nothing else matters. That is the only way and it is what I did. 


However, terrifying it might be, but when your time comes how will you answer the question “Have I lived?” 


So then what? How is working with me going to help you any? Well, I am glad you asked? 


For one, I have been where you are now. A fear to live because of the twisted lie of my ego.


Second, I cast no judgment on the limiting beliefs or fears holding you back from really owning it in your life.  I have told you one of mine, fear of death, but I will tell you another. I so afraid to speak my truth and message, I feared I would lose the love and support of my family. My family would disown me if I were to continue my path despite what they would tell me when I told them of this fear. 


And I will tell you another…

I felt like I was a failure in my life and business because I was not seeing the result I wanted or what I believed my family wanted to see from me so I could be successful in their eye, have their approval and love. 


I know right! I was believing in stories my ego was making up and keep getting in my way of success, happiness, and living the life I know I am meant to. 


So you see, how can I judge when I had these fears and many others. Plus, judgment only means I see something in another I do or don’t like in myself. Really it shows you the light on what you need to overcome by listening through your fears. 


Finally, I am the accountability mentor you’ve have always wanted. You know the one who is the corner with you when your back is against the wall telling you that you’ve got this. Guiding you through your plan of action to be fearlessly visible and crush your goals no matter the time of year. 


You can start late. Feel behind. And still be successful.


Time is an illusion and remember you want the answer to the question “Have you lived?” be a resounding yes than a regretful no. 


Here’s the thing I want you to understand about me…. I am not special. I don’t a superpower no one else has or am from another plant. 


I just took the leap of faith on myself and trusted my intuition to create the business of my dreams by taking the first step and the next one and the next one.  


You don’t have to see the whole staircase to know it is there, you just need to take the first or next step.


If you are here, your next step is hiring me to help bring you create the life you desire instead of staying in the shadows hoping one day it will happen for you. 


That one day you are hoping from may come or it may not. But are you really willing to leave it up to chance? 

If you are still feeling overwhelmed or you can do this whole visibility thing on your own, I challenge you to think how this fear has held you back in the past.


This idea you must do it all on your own keeps you small. Some of the greats of our time haven’t created the business, career, or lifestyle without getting help, guidance, and mentorship. Including developing and evolving your brand. For example, Melissa Ambrosini, Emily Williams, Lewis Howes, Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein, and much more have been open about hiring coaches to up-level their business as well as their brand.

But the one thing they have kept consistent is their core message--their why gets them (and you) out of bed each more to change the lives of so many.


So if a girl from a small town in Iowa can do it, so can you!


You don’t need to have the same background as me or even the same educational background because it is a part of my story. Not yours. Yours is your own, I am just here to help develop your unique message, to confidence convey your it which in turn will attract your audience you are meant to serve and the life you are meant to thrive in! 


Don’t let your lack of confidence and fear visibility hold you back from changing the lives you are meant to and living the life you know you are meant for. It would be a great disservice to the world and yourself.


If you are to be fearlessly visible to anyone in this life, it must be you. You owe it to yourself.


Plus, playing small has led to more regrets and settling for what you don’t want then risking it by trusting your intuitive guidance to take the leap of faith. 


Remember, how you want to answer the question “Have you lived?”

Now you may be thinking, “What is in it for me?” Again, I am so excited you asked! 

Here is what 10-Weeks of working together looks like:


For 10 weeks, you will receive:

  • Welcome Packet to gain clarity on your goals for your coaching.
  • 10 – 60 minute weekly calls.
  • Unlimited email support in between your session, but allow for a reply within 24 hours.
  • Weekly Check-In Assignments and clarity worksheets as needed.
  • Recording of your sessions to revisit so you can be present in your session and further your progress of overcoming your fears.
  • A mentor who will keep you accountable and fierce with your success.
  • Change your mindset and overcome your visibility fears.
  • MORE! 


First, you choose 1 visibility block/fear project you like to overcome and take action on.

It can be:
-    Starting a blog.
-    Starting a video series.
-    Craft your signature speech and be hired for speaking gigs.
-    Creating social media posts
-    Run for a leadership in your local organization.
-    Apply for the job you desire with your dream company
-    And More.

Whatever you want to work on to help you overcome your visibility fears, build your confidence, and live out your purpose. 


Week 1 – Identify your major visibility blocks/fears And re-write them
Week 2 – Create Your Visibility Action Plan
Week 3 – Build Your Confidence
Week 4 – Clarify Your Story, Message, and Purpose
Week 5 – Take Action – Become Visible! 
Week 6 – Halfway Check-In Point – Discuss any topic you need more focus and support on
Week 7 –  Showing Up for Yourself
Week 8 –  Living Out Your Purpose
Week 9 – Continuing Building the Momentum
Week 10 – Celebration and Program Recap


Each client receives an in-depth Welcome Packet to help us lay out exactly what the next 10-Weeks together will look like for each individual. I'm very much about customizing everything to help each client the most, so the outline above is subject to change to meet each client’s specific needs & circumstances.

What do you want the answer to “Have I lived?” Be? 

You don’t have to know how to overcome your Visibility Fears. You just must be willing to try. 

We’ll figure it out together and I will help you become fearless.

This program is not for you if you’re okay with settling, allow your excuse to hold you back, and aren’t ready to own your life, including the good with the not so good.

IT’S FOR THE PERSON READY who is ready to become Fearless, Radiate confidence, living her life on purpose, and the life she's dreamed of.

No longer waiting for her life to happen for her and wishing for that day to come. Instead of taking her life in her hands and make it happen for herself. 

Choosing to find her happiness for her, define what success looks like, and confidently moving into the next chapter of her life.



Pay in Full Discount: $1,500 USD

- OR -

Payment Plan: Deposit- 4 payments of $450 USD

Total: $1,800 USD



Nicole Folker

Working with Lo has been an incredible experience! I've been coached by numerous life, health & business coaches over the past 5 years, but working with Lo has been so different. She doesn't do surface level, feel-good coaching. She dives right into the heart of what's going on.

Her intuition is always spot-on and she gives feedback and guidance in such a loving way. Even when she's pointing out a long-held pattern or a way I've been sabotaging myself, she is kind and empathetic. The way she holds the space for me when I completely break down is such a beautiful gift. I've learned so much about myself during our time together and I want everyone to experience this!

If you're looking for a great coach, I highly recommend Lo! She is pure magic, I tell you. 


Shirsten Shirts, Money Mindset Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Lo was so much fun to work with! She has an amazing ability to tune into her clients and help them gain clarity and direction to move their businesses forward.

She helped me realize what it was I wanted and NEEDED, and because of that, my business has taken off in leaps and bounds since working with her. I created an awesome freebie and started exploding my list in a matter of days. I’d recommend her to anyone!


About Lo Wentworth

My rock bottom hit right after I took the bar. So I had two choices. 1) To go down the endless spiral of hating my life, asking why me, and playing the victim; or 2) discovering who I am, what I wanted for my life, defining my happiness and confidently owning the next chapter of my life. I choice the latter and it has been my best decision to date.

So, I get what you are going through because I have been there. Feeling like you’ve settled in your life instead loving it, but choosing to stay there is far worse than living it how you desire. So let’s drop the fear of getting your life wrong, self-doubt, and being stuck in indecision. Real progress in life comes from taking risks and actions! 

Working with me, I will guide you through the process on discovering what your next chapter is, define your life on your terms, and create a life that is Instagram worthy. The choice is always yours, but how much longer can your life wait?


Click below to schedule a free 45-minute clarity call with me to find out if your next step is working with me. This is where you ask your questions, share any concerns, and gain clarity on what your next step truly is. Which maybe working together, but may not be! I'm not here to sell you a service that isn't right for you.