Warrior Mindset


Warrior Mindset is the same as an athlete’s mindset.

An athlete trains countless hours to reach her goal and pushes herself to new heights both mentally and physically. Now her court has changed to the life off the court. She knows the value of a coach to support her, push her and see her blind spots. She will always be an athlete because it is apart of her DNA.

You never stop being an athlete. It is in your DNA and is a part of who you are. Only your court, field or arena has changed. Whether you are moving up the Division ranks or rising the life ladder, your athletic training is supporting you every step of the way.

When an athlete decides to hang up their shoes, the world tells them they are now longer it athlete. Well, I call bull on that. An athlete never stops being an athlete after their last game is played. It is part of who they are.

I invite you to take a moment to look back on your life.

  • What are the lessons you learned from training as an athlete?

  • What challenges have you overcome because if the skills you developed as an athlete?

  • How as your athletic mindset supported you in achieving your goals?

  • What is possible for when you continue to call yourself an athlete?

Being an athlete is a label, and with any label, you are the one who gives it meaning. One meaning of being an athlete is what society says an athlete is. Another meaning is what you decide an athlete is.

I choose the latter. Once I reclaimed my status as an athlete my mindset shift and my life followed suit. You see, I was 17 when I lost my identity as an athlete due to my second knee injury on my right knee. Little did I know at the time it was the first step in the downward spiral to losing who I was as a person. It was eight years letter when the Universe smacked me hard over the head with a baseball bat I realized what had happened. I was 25 when I reclaimed my title as an athlete. My basketball court became a yoga mat. On the mat, I faced the same mental and physical challenges as I did when playing ball.

Yes, people around me looked at me with four eyes and told me I wasn’t an athlete because I didn’t fit the modeled. But I refused to let their labels dictate who I am. Because being an athlete is part of my DNA and mindset. That will never change. The same goes for you, the reader. You never stop being an athlete.