Too Many Tabs Open


Since launching my business, many events have happened since then. My car broke down. Calls with family. Balling my eyes. Falling into a rushing creek. Stating a guy up. Going out dancing for the first time in forever. Writing blog posts. Planning. Online shopping. Thinking no stop about everything I get to. And remembering to laundry. So much abundance was going on. Don’t get me wrong I will take it because I am learning, growing, and going through a whole lot of personal development at a level I didn’t know was possible.

When I caught up with a friend the other night for a tarot card reading, she informed me I had a lot going. Like my brain had too many tabs open and was starting to malfunction. Which what every person wants to hear with building their empire, coaching, working out and finding time to have fun wants to hear. Because my reaction was “NOPE, I do not have time to malfunction or slow down.” But she was right. My brain was overload and living in Scarcity City was not helping the situation. However, this chapter of my life slowing down or taking a break is not an ideal option. It is an option, but not ideal.


We continued our conversation about what me having too many tabs open and when was the last time I unplugged. All great questions, but still not a topic I wanted to talk about. Because I knew once I start to close tabs, then life gets real. By real, I find out what the underlying challenges I am facing instead of doing to keep my life in control somehow. You see having too many tabs open in my brain I lacked focus, and my anxiety level was through the roof. Which is productive and goes with everything I am teaching my clients, writing about, and speaking about.

It was time to close out all my tabs to start over.

Like anyone who has a million and one tabs open on their Mac Book, the idea of closing any tabs raising the hair on the back of their neck. And don't get me started about what happens when one Command +Q by accident. If this happens and you are in the room run as fast as you can because you do not want to see the meltdown that could occur.

Closing the tabs to start over is never easy because starting over somehow equals death or a bad thing. When starting over is the break your mind needs to reset and to gain clarity in your life. I closed the tabs I had open mental as well as physically on my laptop. Both are beneficial. Plus, I read in the book How Yoga Works, “A cluttered space is a sign of a cluttered mind.” Since then I declutter any chance I get no matter how resistant I am because I know it supports my mental health and shifts my mindset.