Leaping into the Arena

Leaping into the arena is one giant leap of faith on yourself and abilities. It is trusting you have the skills and guidance within you not without knowing what lies in front of you or have a complete plan. You take the first step as you did on the court not knowing what the outcome of the game will be and trust you will overcome whatever comes your way. Whether it is an injury, fouling out, plays working out as planned, fights being started or whatever the sports gods had in mind.

This is what is it like to step into the life’s arena. Except it is more fluid than a basketball game within a set period of time. Life does not work the way sports games do. Instead each day you get to create your own basketball/baseball/football game every day to light or keep the fire lit under your behind. Otherwise, you will end up hating your life and settle for less than you know you deserve and are capable of.

What is stopping you from taking the leap in on faith on yourself?

Why not just jump right into the arena a life?

Yes, you will receive some bumps and buries along the way. So what?! It only means you are trying and are living. For example, when I was playing basketball competitively, if I did not have at least 3 fouls by the 3rd quarter I wasn’t doing my job nor playing the game I am capable of. There were times with I fouled out of course and there were times with I only received 3 fouls in a game. Both were learning experiences for me. Both taught me something….the bruises and sports injuries are always worth it because there is something to learn and grow from.

As much as my parents wished I worn knee pads and knee brake while playing basketball, I never did or only did for a year because that was the deal we made. Because of all the “battle” gear, I need to play the game safely was holding me back. It was the physical restriction to my mental restrictions. I was there to play basketball, not protect my body from getting injured along the way. Otherwise, there wasn’t a point to play the game. My battle scares showed I tried no matter what the outcome was.

My love for the game was and is more important to me than what others tell me I should do to protect myself from future/possible injuries. I can’t protect myself from everything and yes I can take precautions to prevent some obstacles or lessen the impact, but there will also be a something no one thought of. It is all about finding balance without losing the love of the game. Or losing the love of your passion while navigating the world off the court.

Now when I am facing a choice point in my life, I have learned to trust my gut the same way I did on the basketball court. Knowing sometimes I will fall flat on my face, but choose to get back up, learn from the experience and stop my own self-beat up for not being perfect. My bruises are a sign I am living and finding my own path, not what I think others want fro me. They are a sign I am leaping into the arena instead of sitting on the sidelines.